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Discover how you can become an anti-bullying superhero with help from the amazing
Helicopter Harry!


When 10-year-old twins Kate and Kyle run into their bully Will while flying their toy helicopters at the park, their afternoon of fun is quickly brought to an end. But a chance encounter with Helicopter Harry – an amazing cyborg superhero who looks suspiciously like a certain English Prince – will change their lives forever.

Helicopter Harry promises to teach the pair how to become anti-bullying superheroes themselves… but after he has an unfortunate run-in with Will, the twins will need to use everything they’ve learned to rescue him and save the day!

Beautifully written with a gripping story and a powerful anti-bullying message, Helicopter Harry is a fun and engaging middle-grade read that captures children’s imaginations with a larger-than-life superhero. Kids ages 8-10 will love reading along and discovering how they can do their part to stand up to bullying and look out for the people around them.

Book details:

  • Features an Exciting Story With an Enduring Moral Lesson About Defeating Bullying
  • Makes a Perfect Story For All Ages, Especially Boys & Girls Ages 8-10
  • Promotes a Valuable Anti-Bullying Message That Encourages Kids To Stand Up For Themselves
  • Great as an Educational Resource For Parents and Educators To Use In The Home or Classroom
  • And Much More!

If you want to encourage your kids to become anti-bullying superheroes, or if you’re searching for a fun new story that will quickly become a treasured part of your bookshelf, Helicopter Harry is a memorable book that will spark important conversations while encouraging children to practice kindness, empathy, and courage.

Are you ready to join Helicopter Harry and become a superhero? Then order your copy today!

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Available Wherever Books Are Sold

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