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Jon Wayne Faust

Jon Wayne Faust, a passionate children’s book author, found his inspiration for the heartwarming “Helicopter Harry” in the face of adversity. Having faced immense challenges throughout his life, Jon’s journey began with the tragic loss of his father to suicide when he was just nine years old. This devastating event left a profound impact on his young mind, shaping his understanding of the importance of mental health awareness and compassion.

Jon found himself battling bullying throughout life. Despite facing adversity, he refused to succumb to negativity, drawing strength from his painful past to stand up against bullying and advocate for kindness and empathy in the workplace.

These experiences fueled Jon’s determination to make a difference, especially in the lives of young children who face similar challenges. Through “Helicopter Harry,” he weaves a compelling narrative that encourages children to embrace their uniqueness, stand up against bullies, and value kindness above all else.

Jon’s writing style intertwines valuable life lessons with captivating storytelling, making “Helicopter Harry” a beloved children’s book that nurtures empathy, resilience, and self-confidence. His mission is to empower children with the tools they need to overcome adversities, fostering a world where every child feels safe, loved, and empowered to be their true selves.

In memory of his father and driven by his determination to combat bullying, Jon’s literary journey is one of hope, healing, and inspiration. His books serve as a reminder that even in the darkest of times, the power of kindness and compassion can light up the lives of many, and with “Helicopter Harry,” he endeavors to touch the hearts of young readers, helping them soar to new heights in their pursuit of a bully-free world.

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